Alchemy East and Chess
Roman Gumanyuk
Alchemy East and Chess
Opening solo-exhibition of paintings by artist Roman Gumanyuk "Alchemy East and Chess", dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of FIDE in Bishkek. 2014
Alchemy East and Chess
Opening solo-exhibition of paintings by artist Roman Gumanyuk "Chess Knight", Confucius Institute in Sofia. 2016

This website is dedicated to the chess series of paintings of my friend and artist Roman Gumanyuk.
Many artists have dedicated their paintings to chess and Roman Gumanyuk is one of them. But unlike the others, he has dedicated pretty large series of paintings to the game of chess and he still continues working on more. He works in various directions but the chess series deserves special attention.

I and Roman, we are fans of the game and we play chess in the weekends. We believe that the game is quite an interesting entertainment. Once while we played a game, Roman told me that he wanted to paint the chessboard as he sees it as an artist. I encouraged him to do that. The following weekend when i visited him, he showed me his first chess painting. This was the painting "White elephant". However, Roman did not stop there and after a while a whole series of chess paintings become a fact.

I would also like to mention his miniatures. These are small oil paintings on canvas. Their size is astonishingly small - approximately 3x3 inches. Roman managed to create real works of art in such a small format. I am no stranger to art and yet I have never seen something like it before. These miniatures are unique and unparalleled.

I would really love it for the other fans of chess to see these paintings and miniatures. Art has to be open to its audience. That is why i have decided to create this website. I hope that it is going to little contribute to the popularisation of chess through art.

Denis Purtov, Chile 2015.